Synthetic hair is simply very fine plastic filaments. The structure is very different from human hair. Synthetic hair is easier to handle, due to its ability to hold the basic curl after washing. Most of them require very little styling after washing. The life of a good synthetic wig can be 1 – 2 years depending on receiving the proper care. Synthetic wigs are more natural-looking than ever before. Synthetics can be shampooed and dried naturally with minimal care. Less costly than human hair wigs, they retain their style well, but the style cannot really be changed. This is why the majority of women who want to wear their wigs regularly, will have at least two wigs in slightly or vastly different styles. Remember, your synthetic wig is of a very high quality fiber and was designed to stay and look the way you originally bought it.

Human hair wigs are expensive. And they require a great deal of care. They must be styled daily, washed very often and are high maintenance. They require trimming and styling by a hair stylist, usually before they can be worn. Generally speaking human hair products can be treated as you would treat your own hair.

Most of the wigs shown on this site are Synthetic Wigs. These are wigs made primarily of modacrylic fibers that have the look and feel of real hair. The fibers have memory, which allows the original styling to be restored, in most cases by simply spraying with a water bottle and drying from underneath. An additional advantage is that synthetic fibers are not porous and cannot absorb odors. Synthetic wigs are extremely light to wear, the average wig is between 2 and 4 oz. (50 – 100grams)

Synthetic wigs come pre cut and styles and hold their shape even after washing. As they are economical, you can afford to change your style, or have a couple in different styles. HUMAN hair is very much more expensive and is more difficult to take of. Each time it gets wet it will lose its style. Just like natural hair the environment has an effect on it and it gets dirty, dusty and limp. And every time it gets washed it has to be restyled.

For people who have experience with wigs, there is the option of wigs made from human hair. These are long lasting and durable, but they require far more upkeep than the synthetic wigs. They can be cut and styled, and in fact must be styled on a regular basis, as they do not hold their style. They are much heavier than their synthetic counterparts and more expensive.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that human hair wigs are better than synthetics. This is a common misconception that you will realize once you have bought your first synthetic wig.

The person who chooses a wig due to hair loss from illness usually prefers a synthetic wig because the time and energy saved in caring for a wig is important. When you are sick the last thing you need is the high maintenance required for human hair. Wig Beauty is able to order human hair wigs for those clients who want one and have the experience and know how needed for a human hair wig.

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