Colors One of the best things about wigs is the vast selection of colors that are available. You can match your own hair color or go for something new. Generally your eyebrow color is the standard to follow. For a natural look you will not want to stray too far from that.

Complexion is also a very important guide in selecting a wig hair color. A strong contrast such as a pale complexion with jet black hair, is great for making people notice your face, but only if you have a perfect complexion. Contrast is important, without it your face can get lost. Dark complexions and eye colors can still benefit from some contrast with hair color. Often a dark brown complexion will be set off with light chocolate hair, or jet black hair. Then light brown complexions get contrast with dark brown hair. The amount of contrast is up to you.

There are color charts for the different wig manufacturers on the web site. Each wig company has its own color chart. But the color chart is only a rough guide, because the colors you are looking at may vary due to your monitor and setting.

Choosing a color.

Remember, if you are ordering a wig, you will be covering your entire head, and therefore it is not necessary to try and match your own hair color. You will be delighted with the beautifully blended colorations in each wig. These will give you the appearance of healthy, lustrous hair, with a natural youthful look.

If you are still confused or uncertain contact us and we will look at the color rings and guide you further.

What is a color ring?

Wig colors are determined from sample rings provided by each individual manufacturer. (except Motown Tress, who only work from their color charts) A color ring is a group of hair swatches of the pre-determined colors which are used by each wig manufacturer to represent the different shades in which the hairpieces are available. Each swatch is attached to a small plastic disk with a number on it, and these disks are usually attached to a large ring. These are actually quite expensive and not worth buying if you are just choosing one or two wigs for yourself. We will assist you as far as possible in choosing a color.

Do all Wig Manufacturers use the same colors?

Unfortunately not. There are certain universal colors that are usually similar, eg. 1 is jet black, 8 is light brown, 30 is light auburn. But the different factories that process the hair, or fibers produce in different shades, so #8 light brown in one color ring may be lighter or darker than the same no on another company’s ring.

Please take you time to choose your color, make sure it is one you are happy with because we do not exchange wigs. A wig is a very personal item and for hygienic reasons there is a no return or exchange policy.

Head Shapes



This is quite easy as 95% of all women wear an average head size wig. That means your head size when measured is between 21” and 22 ½”, and that most of the wigs on the market will fit you. Also keep in mind that most wigs have an adjustment tab that will give you some room to increase or decrease size. If your head is large 22 ½” – 24”, or petit, 20” – 21”, there are a few wigs on the site that you can choose, but not many as the demand is so little that many of the manufacturers don’t bother with these sizes. But if you do have this problem contact us and we will contact the manufacturers and try and assist you.


If you are not sure that you have an average size head by looking, measure your head with a tape measure, go around the forehead at the hairline, under the hair behind the ears and around the nape of the neck.

Enjoy your wig and have fun wearing it!


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